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Wall Stickers For Nursery — New Love Of Kids

Last month, one of my best friends invited me to pay a visit to her new house and have a dinner with her families. Since they have just finished decorating their new house with some decors from a great decoration online shop, and I am always fond of home design and have some ideas about that, so she also invited me to have a look around their attentively decorated house. I pleasantly accepted their invitation and prepared a vast of flowers as the gift.

f7f4d51bafe2f329cc8f9d8db2240cccIt didn’t take a long time for me to get to their house, but quite a long long time to look around their new house. It really looked like a perfect place for kids. By the way, they just welcomed their second son and the first is 2 years old. So the whole house was decorated almost in cartoon style or some warm and kind pattern. The whole style of their house was the rural style with light colors and simple concept. They made it a great combination of the rural style and the nursery one so that their house would not look only childish but unsuitable for the whole family to live in.

4b821b27299fd08700132ad449dac6d9Well, the greatest gain of my visiting their new house was to get to know a kind of new home decor, which is called vinyl wall sticker. It is one of the most popular wall decorations in recent years and maintain tremendous styles and patterns for each room or for different person. My friend and her husband decided to pick up some for their wall decoration and many of the stickers they applied in their house were simple, light colored but warm images. And of course they have also chosen several nursery wall stickers at a great nursery stickers website for their sons’ room as well as the nursery. They looked so awesome on the walls that the house had become kind of warm and comfortable place. I was so impressed by this wonderful idea about home decoration. So when I came back home that evening, I looked them up on the Internet for more details. They are really really one of the best decors in recent times for nursery interior decoration.

And today I would love to recommend them to you. I have summed up some of its main advantages as follows to make this post more methodic.

Vinyl wall …

How To Choose Colors In Home Decoration


When talking about home decoration, we can not avoid dealing with the selection of colors. If you fail in choosing the appropriate colors for your interior house, it will definitely affect the integral aesthetic feeling of your house. So how to choose the right colors is what we are exactly going to talk about. Here, I would love to introduce some tips in color selection.


TIP 1. You should get an overall color scheme from the main pattern of your house

Before you set about selecting the colors to decorate your house, the first thing you should do is to decide a color scheme from the largest pattern at your house. This color scheme will decide what detailed color you will use in other parts of your house. It can be a light color or dark color as your personal preference.


TIP 2. Start decorating from the main areas of your house

Living room, bedroom, hallway as well as dining room are some main areas of a house. You may start decorating your house from these areas. First choose the dominant hue according to these formal rooms and then tone it down for some private space.


TIP 3. Choose the colors that you would like your clothes to be

If you love red color and usually buy red clothes to wear and think yourself look good in this color, just choose the red furniture and you will find they look also good in your house. Likewise, if you seldom wear black clothes, please give up this color for your house. It will never look good in black color.


TIP 4. 60 percentage for dominant color, 30 for secondary and 10 for the rest

When you decorate your house, you should first make sure that the color scheme contains three parts, dominant color, secondary color and the rest one. And the percentage of the three should be 60,30 and 10. It seems that all the walls in your house will take up the majority of the color. Furniture or some other decors will represent the secondary and others would be the rest 10 percent such as your table wares, pillows or duvet. Follow the 60,30 and 10 principle will make the colors more balanced.


TIP 5. Follow the building structure

If you would paint your walls in white so that your small space will look bigger, you …

Wall Sticker — An Innovative Way For Home Decoration

A few months ago, I paid a visit to one of my best friend Lily and had a dinner with her families. Besides the delicious food, I also picked up a wonderful idea for home decoration. Since Lily and her family moved into their new house last year, all the things at their house are new, fresh and innovative. I loved the spacious living room, the warm bedroom as well as the tidy kitchen. But what impressed me most is the innovative idea for wall decoration. Unlike the traditional pure colored walls, their walls are fully of imagination. Yes, here I used the word “imagination”.


What decorated their walls are the innovative vinyl wall stickers which are increasingly becoming the most popular interior home decors around the market. Why this burgeoning way of wall decoration has been such welcomed by the customers? I asked Lily why they chose vinyl wall stickers to decorate their house and her reasons are as follows.


Lily heard about vinyl wall stickers from one of her friends and then she began to search for them on the Internet. To her surprise, there are tremendous websites providing a different variety of wall stickers for any purpose. First, with some unfamiliarity, Lily only chose a tree wall decal for their dining room. What surprised her was that it was totally easy to install. Just peel off the back paper and then stick it onto the wall. That’s it. And the wall decal looked very fantastic and even real at her dining room. Additionally, that tree wall decal just costed her a few dollars. Easy installment, low price and a large variety of patterns and styles, all these advantages make wall stickers become the most popular home decors in recent years.


Then Lily picked up some more wall stickers for her living room, bedrooms as well as bathroom, among which nursery is the most lovely and various. She bought a plane wall decal for her 10 year-old son’s room and the boy loved it so much. She highly recommended wall stickers for every guests to their house. Thanks to Lily, I got to know this brilliant idea for interior decoration and write this post to share with you.


From Lily, I also knew that the vinyl is a common material that can been widely seen in our daily life, so you are assured that wall stickers are totally